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Have you ever recycled a soda can?

You might remember finishing your favorite drink, getting ready to dispose of it, and coming across a recycling bin that made you think twice about where it should go. What if that recycling bin wasn’t available? That soda can would be lumped into general waste that accumulates at a shocking rate and it never again sees the light of day.

When you saw that recycling bin, you had to remember that the container for your favorite drink is made of aluminum and is better off being reused for other aluminum items.

scrap metal recycling in Ithaca, Groton and Newfield NY

Reframing your mindset with metals will bring you one step closer to helping the Earth through recycling and sustainability efforts. Think small. Can that coated wire be recycled? Sure. Think big. What about that firetruck? The answer is yes!

 Teets and Son Scrap is a scrap metal recycling yard in Newfield and Groton, NY that has been thinking big since the 1960’s.

Making it possible for you to make an impact

The premier scrap metal recycler serving Newfield, Ithaca and Groton, NY accepts tons of metal – literally – from businesses as well as the general public.

Bare bright, copper, brass, coated wires, batteries, aluminum cans, lead wheel weights – you name it – are among the smaller items and materials that don’t go unnoticed. Every ounce is a drop in the proverbial bucket of keeping the environment greener.

Larger items include, but are not limited to:

·         Electric motors

·         Copper radiators

·         Converters

·         Appliances like your old refrigerator, stove, or washing machine

·         Cars, trucks (even firetrucks)

·         Aluminum wheels

·         Roters and drums

·         Stainless and short steel

New raw materials would be needed more often instead of reintegrating useable metal and giving them a new purpose and home. Mining and manufacturing metals are harmful to the environment.

What’s the big deal?

When the ore is mined for metals, chemicals are used that can seep into the water table, runoff into streams, or get dumped into lakes and oceans which damages our planet’s water supply.

Fossil fuels are burned in the process of mining metal. The process of recycling metal utilizes significantly less fossil fuel which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

Decades of reversing the clock

If a company tells you they buy scrap metal by the gross ton, you know their work is valuable to the environment and sustainability! That means if not for recycling efforts, there would be tons of metal waste from construction projects, old automobiles, garage clean-ups, and more joining landfills.

Not only does Teets & Son Scrap step up to the plate and do their part, but they also pay competitive prices and constantly reinvest in their business and equipment scales to make accepting a large volume of material possible. Their dedication and success are evident with their 70 FT truck scales, roll-off containers, lowboy, and flatbed services! Those are a testament to the decades of fulfilling their mission to buy, sell, and scrap metals the average person wouldn’t consider possible. Every bit of large equipment means that much more metal is being weighed, transported, sorted and that much less is left scattered and rusting.

 Think about the overall impact you can make together beyond soda cans.

While Teets & Son Scrap metal recycling serves the local and surrounding areas of Newfield, Ithaca and Groton, NY, they are now selling car parts out of their Groton Location! Visit them at 954 Salt Road, Groton, or call them at 607-898-3800 for details!

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