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X-Ray Metal Tester

metal tester X-MET5000 XRF hand-held analyzer is built for the most demanding quality control applications:
  • Scrap metal analysis & sorting
  • Analysis of metals for PMI
  • Consumer products for RoHS screening
  • Lead in toys
  • Compliance testing
  • Heavy metals monitoring in soils

The current volatile metal price fluctuations of commodities such as gold and metals, in particular nickel, make the accurate determination of alloy composition critical in the financial success of modern recycling operations. This is why so many businesses invest in some form of metal analysis, often using portable XRF analysis for positive materials identification (PMI).

The X-MET5000 quickly and accurately measures Nickel even in concentrations below 1%. The same rugged handheld instrument can be loaded with both a metals analysis program and plastic analysis program making it ideal for the growing scope of the scrap metal recycling industry.

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