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We accept most any metal in any form but the most value comes from the metal that we call clean which means the metal is all the same type with no contaminates such as steel, plastic, rubber, wood or glass. Sell your scrap for the best value with Teets & Son Scrap.
For truck-size loads, we have a 70' truck scale for weigh-in and weigh-out with digital read outs on the way in and out. Large loads can be dumped in our open yard for on-site processing. Processing your scrap metal for cash has never been easier at our metal recycling center. Small loads can be weighed right in front of you on our smaller scales in our metal shop and you’ll be paid cash on the spot.

We have arranged a few lists of some of the most common metals that we purchase here at Teets & Son. View some types of Scrap Metal we buy here.
We buy by net ton, not gross ton.
Learn more about net ton vs. gross ton.
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