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Scrap metal pick up Services & Removal Ithaca, Cortland Watkins Glen NY and surrounding areas

Teets and Son has a scrap metal pick up team that will come to your location to process and pick up your scrap metal. This service is for medium sized jobs. We do not pick up a single refrigerator for example.

A sample scrap metal pick up might be an old farm where there are a few cars and tractors that need to be processed and removed or a metal fabrication business that needs metal hauled away. If needed we have torches to cut metal into smaller pieces for removal.

We also pick up junk cars. Click to learn more about our automobile recycling and junk car removal.

Call us today at (607) 272-1908 or Email Us to set up your scrap metal pick up. We usually can make the pick up within 1-2 days from when you contact us.
We buy by net ton, not gross ton.
Learn more about net ton vs. gross ton.
1-2 day turnaround fast & convienent.
Ask about our pick up services.
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