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Scrap Metal Pricing & Rates

metal salvage prices When figuring out cents per pound, selling your scrap by the net ton vs gross ton makes a big difference. We pay by the net ton and not gross. The example below shows you why. Ultimately we strive for you get the best price for your scrap metal delivery. Bring in your salvaged iron, steel, copper, brass, alluminum and more for cash! We have an x-ray metal tester that will let us know exactly what kind of metal you have if you don't already know.

Net (US Standard) ton = 2000lbs Example ($200 / 2000 = .10 Cents per pound x3,000 = 300.00 total
Gross (metric) ton = 2240lbs Example ($200 / 2240 = .089 Cents per pound x3,000 = 267.85 total

Call 607-273-1908 for actual the current scrap metal Pricing as it fluctuates often with the market.
We buy by net ton, not gross ton.
Learn more about net ton vs. gross ton.
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