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738 Black Oak Rd Newfield, NY 14867
954 Salt Road, Groton, NY 13073
Teets & Son Scrap
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Welcome to Teets and Son Scrap! Scrap Metal Recycling/Buyers Ithaca NY

Teets & Son Scrap now with two locations in Newfield and Groton, thrives to be the local and surrounding areas green recycling facility for the public and companies to clean up their property or facilities for some of the most competitive scrap metal prices.

We offer several services including roll off container services, lowboy service for large equipment and flatbed services for junk car removal & automotive recycling.

We purchase all types of non-ferrouos metals on our digital indoor scales and large loads on our state of the art 70 FT truck scales with outside indicator and printed tickets for accuracy. When it comes time to cleaning up your junk we make it easy!

Teets & Sons is now selling car parts out of our Groton Location! Visit us at 954 Salt Road, Groton or call us at 607-898-3800 for details!
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